Trout Master

How the most prestigious trout spinning rod in the world is born

The first rudiments ....

I'm Nik Master and I live for creek fishing.

In itself this is all you should know about me ... But I decided to reveal my story, telling you how the Trout Master rods were born. The most prestigious trout spinning rods in the world.

The next few lines you will read will seem like a cliché to you, but believe it or not, it's all true!

My first fishing experience could only be in a stream, luck (or bad luck, depending on your point of view) I grew up right on the edge of a stream.

When I say edges, I mean my room was no more than 200 meters from the shore. A more unique than rare situation, every night I fell asleep with the sound of waterfalls beating on the stones of the shore ... a true paradise.

Together with the house, we had about 1 km of torrent available for use as an exclusive reserve. Fortunately still preserved with the family home.

At the age of 6 I felt an innate call and I decided to try fishing for the first time. Unlike the other children, however, I decided I wanted to try it my way. No one had brought me, no one had shown me how to do it, no one had "pushed" me in that direction.

It was simply a call into my DNA.

It's amazing but I remember that day very well! I remember it because I decided to try fishing (also convinced of succeeding) by building the equipment myself!

If you wonder how a 6-year-old boy can build a fishing rod, you must know that the thrust came from seeing my grandfather, who did this job.

I was just a kid, but I was doing pretty well. I've seen millions of fishing rods before, but never built one!

In any case I took a stick, a wooden stick to create the first rod, then I used wire for the rings, I created a sort of reel at the base, which turned to recover the wire. Thread that consisted of a string, a small weight and, as I love, a small spring.

This was the mythical equipment for my first fishing trip. Keep in mind that at 6 it is already a lot to think about a project, doing it is even more difficult, but all in all I had built it.

I already imagined the trout I would catch (I later found out they were just imaginary).

So the next day I went with my grandmother, who understood even less about fishing than I, directly in a "good" area of ​​the stream.

A couple of primed worms and I tried to "fish".

As you can imagine, I took nothing. It was a real disaster :)

But I was happy! Happy and stubborn. 

From that day on, I never gave up river fishing! Never again! My grandfather gave me a "normal" (not wooden) cane, and some advice.

With perseverance, patience and enthusiasm I learned by listening and trying to fish, to put into practice. 

Yes, but always with my grandmother, never with capable people!

I wanted to do it on my own ... and over time I was able to learn ... I learned so well that from " pierino"  (young apprentice) I paid the "old foxes".

Maybe I had fishing in my DNA, maybe it was the proximity to the stream, maybe the fact that I have been fishing almost daily in streams for 30 years, the fact is that I have seen so much water pass by that I am considered a true master of this fishing.

How the most prestigious trout spinning rod in the world is born

100 years of experience ...

My grandfather was no longer working when I started fishing. He was lucky enough to retire early and be able to devote himself to fishing.

But for as long as I can remember, my grandfather has always been a master craftsman builder. In his atelier I saw many famous faces pass by, both from the world of fishing and real movie VIPs who are passionate about fishing.

For his friends, champions and not, he was always available to make an incredible fishing rod.

Born in Ireland (this is why both my grandfather and I have red hair) from an Italian-Irish couple when he was young he moved to England and started working for a famous fishing rod company. From there he specialized in making rods for fly fishing, becoming a famous and renowned manufacturer.

Later he collaborated as a consultant for many companies that made fishing rods, traveling all over the world he had the opportunity to learn a lot.

This made him extremely famous and in demand.

Today my grandfather is gone, but I had the incredible luck of learning his art and keeping it.

I carry with me his 70 years of experience as a builder, designer and designer of fishing rods.

Mine is an incredible fortune that has given me access to all the secrets handed down by my grandfather as a builder and fisherman.

Today the materials have changed, the technologies improved, but the artistic part, the "brilliant" part, the artisan part hasn't changed one iota.

My Mom never took an interest in fishing and this makes me the last remaining Master craftsman.

With the experience handed down from my grandfather, combined with my 30 years of stream fishing experience, I have 100 years of mastery in the art of fishing rod construction.

After completing my studies, thanks to my grandfather's knowledge and my precocious experience and skills, I immediately found a job.

My first experience was as a designer for the inexpensive line of freshwater spinning rods of a brand little known in Italy, but very popular in the USA.

From there I began my career as a consultant and designer for international brands, working for many years in the USA.

The birth of Trout Master

In 2016 I also had the pleasure of working on a very interesting project. 

As an international expert recognized in the professional environment (experts you can't find on facebook and instragram, you can find more or less unknown influencers, real professionals are famous among the insiders, not on social networks), a car manufacturer of extreme prestige I he asked for advice to design a "fishing" version of one of his models, explicitly requested by a wealthy client.

Speaking with this customer, the only way to understand his needs, I also realized that this person was looking for a very high level fishing equipment (spinning), which the market did not offer.

There are artisan builders who can make custom-made rods. But they are not so specialized, it is not possible to know perfectly all the various types of fishing so as to be able to be masters in each one.

There are experts in bass fishing, experts in bass fishing, experts in carp fishing, but no one can know how to artfully build all the rods.

Each discipline has particularities and specificities that only those who have mastered it completely can know.

Don't confuse knowing how to tie rings and mount a handle with the ability to design a rod that is perfect for your fishing needs.

It is one thing to assemble the elements on the blank, and the world of "artisans" who make custom rods is full.

It is quite another question to know how to design, select the elements, position them correctly and assemble a rod that transforms the simple act of fishing into pure magic.

My client (now a friend) was looking for this, he was looking for some fantastic rods.

After I finished designing the set-up for his new car, I also designed 3 spinning rods for him.

Three fantastic, amazing spinning rods.

Three rods and an idea in mind ...

I'm coming back to Italy...

It had been a while since, tired of traveling the world, I wanted to go home.

Traveling is beautiful, it allows you to learn a lot, but some people feel homesick.

My trips have allowed me to discover extremely different and varied fishing spots, an incredible technical background, which, having tried both, is superior to what a fisherman who knows perfectly a single fishing spot has.

In any case, the European Alps remain in the heart and the call to return is strong.

In my work environment I have already reached the maximum that can be achieved, I have reached the set goals and I can feel satisfied.

But retiring now seemed a bit risky and honestly, I don't know how to sit still with my hands.

One thing that always bothered me in what I did was the limitations imposed (logically rightly so) on my projects.

I have never had total carte blanche, there were always limits in the design of the rods, limits dictated by the budget of large production, clashes with the marketing department, etc.

I had a budget to respect, I couldn't choose the maximum, I couldn't even design too expensive installations.

It was also my job to establish the best designs that matched rapid mass production.

Everything had to be precise, but "right". No "woow" factor, no complicated ligatures, no overly complex handles.

A bit frustrating for someone like me who is always looking for the best and loves to experiment.

That's why I created Trout-Master

The desire to go home, combined with the possibility of not having to work for a living and with the wealth of experience I have gained over time, give me a boost to start a new project.

I decide to make my fishing rods. 

I have practiced many different peaches, but only in spinning did I find my balance.

Although during the year I do not only dedicate myself to trout, but also fish other predators, I can honestly define myself as an expert exclusively in trout spinning fishing. 

So, despite my (modest) experience in many disciplines, I decided to dedicate myself only to trout spinning fishing.

The term fisherman is generic, it is like saying "Olympic athlete". Prepared to do the 100 meters, struggling with the long jump. He certainly jumps better than most people, but he hardly jumps like one trained in long jump.

I know there is a guardian lead, or a hair rig, or a method feeder ... But I will never be up to designing an incredibly effective Feeder or Trolling rod, even if technically I am capable of doing it, all practical act I miss the experience of fishing with that technique.

I do not know the needs that the technique imposes and what are the secrets to building a tool capable of overcoming them. Which is the big problem of series production. 

Problem that only a small part of fishermen perceive having perhaps had the opportunity to hold high-level gear in their hands.

The thing that I know how to do with skill and experience, in addition to trout spinning, is the design of the rods for this technique.

Finally today I can create without limits, producing my rods for passion, not for work. Without having to submit to any large production budget.

I can with satisfaction create something unique, rods for very few, for true enthusiasts who are looking for something unique for their fishing trips.

The price in Trout-Master is not a problem, we do not spare any expense, but we create elite rods for the most demanding anglers.

 If you are looking for this, we are ready to satisfy you.

This is my (and my team's) only goal.

Nik Master

how the most prestigious spinning rod in the world is born