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Trout-Master® Regina marble trout spinning rod

canna spinning trout master regina

Find out if these amazing rods are right for you

From the experience of  Nik Master , specialist in the design, construction and production of  trout spinning rods , Trout-Master® is born.

Exclusive trout spinning rods, produced in limited series and designed for the true masters of trout spinning.

In the following lines you will be able to discover all the exceptional characteristics of the Trout-Master® Regina rod, but I immediately warn you that the Trout-Master® are not rods for everyone.

Although trout is widespread all over the world, the brook trout spinning market has never been much considered by fishing rod manufacturers.

In fly fishing, trout fishing is a true art. Perhaps it can be said that fly fishing was born with the intention of catching trout and salmon, even if today it has also been converted to other species.

This type of fishing for many is a true cult, a step back in time, an ancient tradition, full of charm.

If in the world of fly fishing there are many artisanal products of the highest level to satisfy the most demanding fishermen, the same cannot be said in spinning fishing.

This is demonstrated by the fact that the market is chock full of low- and mid-range commercial equipment.

The Trout-Master® are the only true rods of excellence for trout spinning, to experience the same tradition and cult of fly fishing through spinning.

For this reason, Trout-Master® spinning rods are made with no expense spared, with the aim of possessing the fundamental characteristics to deal in the best possible way with the Italian and European streams and the trout that populate them.

You will have a rod in your hands that will allow you to return to your origins and experience stream fishing in an incredible, unique and rewarding way. 

A rod that only a true master of this fishing will be able to appreciate.

If you haven't achieved a certain experience, which only comes with time, Trout-Master® rods are not for you.

Those who decide to tackle stream fishing do so because they are fascinated by this type of environment, by nature, by the woods that surround it, by incredible landscapes.

Trout fishing is the final goal, but the context, the modality and the contact with nature is a fundamental part of the process.


Stream fishing is an art, only those who understand and fully master it know that the micro details make the difference.

Fishing with a rod designed exactly for those who are able to exploit its potential is an experience for very few.

Of course, you can also fish with a 30 euro rod, but the pleasure you get from fishing with a Trout-Master® rod is unique. 

To be able to make the most of the potential of the Trout-Master® rods you must be able to master and exploit a tool of the highest technical level that was created only for true enthusiasts.

The Trout-Master® are difficult rods, suitable only for experienced, truly expert anglers, not who believe they are ...

For those who have great respect for fish, for their life, for the environment in which they are a guest.

For those who love the fight with the fish and know how to complete it correctly. Which very few are able to do.

Even those with years of experience will initially find it difficult to manage the lures and cast, in the extreme sensitivity of the rod, in its handling.

It will take experience to understand the limitations of the rod and match it with the right lure for the right situation.

You will have to wait for it with patience. The production capacity is a few rods a year, waiting is the only way to have a hand-made tool in a limited series in your hands.

But when you learn how to use it, when you have the right confidence, you will never be able to go back.

One last thing...

We are strong supporters of  catch & release  and a true fan of this fishing always respects his prey.

Trout-Master® spinning rods are unique. Not everyone will have the pleasure and privilege of owning one, if you don't understand this philosophy our rods are not for you.

If, on the other hand, you are a true Trout Master then you have found the rod that will change your life as a trout fisherman.

Homegrown tradition

Having said that, you should know that most of the rods on the market are Chinese products of very low quality, often rebranded with "famous brands" and sold on average between 250 and 70 euros (but there are also rods below these figures).

The real value of a € 100 rod is around € 10/15. Which in economic terms is equivalent to the value of the apex ring (tip) of a Trout-Master® rod.

Despite being convinced of the contrary, those who choose this type of rod are buying a product with a very low quality / price ratio.

This happens because there is no real knowledge of the market.

It is natural that those who have always fished using low or medium range rods, have only this type of rod as the only parameter of comparison.

Which are great for fishing, just like a Swatch is great for reading the time, but it is undeniable that having a Patek Philippe on your wrist is a completely different experience.

It is not only an advantage in terms of prestige, but between a cheap rod (100/150 euros) and a Trout-Master® rod there are technical differences that allow you, in reality, to improve your fishing performance.

If you are reading these lines it means that you are looking for the best, a Trout-Master® rod of the highest level.

The main problem is that the high-end trout spinning rods are of Japanese origin, with some very rare rods made in the USA.

In Italy, apart from Trout-Master®, there are no other top-level products.

 But it is in Italy that the best trout spinning rods must be born, the home of stream fishing.

Assuming that each country (or almost) would need a specific rod for habits and type of water, there are some specializations.

For example, Americans make fantastic rods for bass fishing, their specialty. The American trout rods, on the other hand, are not the best. This is because the American fisherman, in addition to having different waters and trout, also has other needs and above all different preferences compared to the European fisherman.

American rods are too powerful and too stiff, have little sensitivity and are very heavy. In the United States, brook trout fishing is a marginal and little practiced fishing of low interest.

The result is that in order to save and speed up, drums derived from bass fishing are used, which are not very suitable for trout fishing.

Something good, on the other hand, comes from Japan, a country that greatly appreciates brook trout fishing and where some micro producers have developed specific rods for this fishing.

The limit is that they remain rods designed for the Japanese market, they are often Trout Area rods readjusted to the stream, too short, practically all are under 1.80 cm, a serious little known problem (in this regard you can find a dedicated article here).

Since there are not many alternatives, they are mistakenly taken as a reference for a good trout rod.

In fact, among the hundreds of "trout spinning" rods on the market, those really born for this type of fishing can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Most are trout area rods (stems born for other fishing and adapted to the trout area) that are once again adapted and used (wrongly) to fish in streams, just add the term "Native" or "Stream" or similar stuff and automatically become "torrent rods" and "yardstick" for this fishing.

On the contrary, there are rods (even very expensive ones) that are inserted as trout rods in a generalist catalog (including that of international brands) and are extremely rigid even in ultra light sizes.

Or, in the worst cases, they are conceptually wrong rods for this kind of fishing.

In fact, the most common and serious errors of the rods on the market are always the same:

- handle too short

- barrel too short 

- wrong action

- heavy and rigid stem or on the contrary exaggeratedly parabolic

The reasons why all these choices are wrong for this kind of fishing has been explained in our guide, which you must read, even if today you don't have the budget to give yourself a Trout-Master® rod.

Trout-Master® rods are conceived and designed to be used in Italian streams, according to our tradition, according to the type of water you can encounter most frequently and in relation to the size of fish that populate them.

No expense has been spared to make them, because those who want these fantastic rods are a highly experienced fisherman who loves to fish with extremely refined equipment.

What use is the Trout-Master® Regina designed for

marble queen

The Trout-Master® Regina is the spearhead of the Trout-Master® rods.

Born to undermine the Queen of the hole. The gigantic trout that dominates that stretch of the stream.

Regina takes its name and style from the Marmorata. The "marbled" handle and golden details reflect the livery of this fantastic fish and remind you of what this rod was born for.

Like all Trout-Masters®, Regina also amazes with its sensitivity. Although apparently she may seem like a "fine" rod, which is fundamental because all Trout-Master® rods are light, precise and sensitive rods, Regina has incredible power.

To achieve this it was decided to make a one-piece rod. Brave choice since it is the only one-piece trout spinning rod in the world.

A pinch of inconvenience to have in exchange a rod with a frightening sensitivity, never seen before on rods of this power.

If the  SANGONE  is a scalpel, Regina is a Katana. Fast, handy, light and incredibly effective.

The perfect rod for fishing with spinners and minnows of generous dimensions, while remaining an ultralight rod.

 Designed to work well in the stretches of the valley floor, even with sustained current. Able to handle large fish looking for the current to escape. It also turns out to be a phenomenal reed in large lakes in search of impressive lakes.

Mind you, our philosophy is centered on making light and fine rods. Regina is not a light pole, it is not the rod you expect for valley bottom fishing.

It is a specialized rod, suitable for extremely experienced anglers, who are able to complete the fight of important prey even by fishing with light rods.

Regina has all the credentials to succeed in the mission, all he needs is a fisherman who knows how to exploit it at 100%.

What is amazing about the Queen is the power reserve during the fights. The skill of the fisherman always remains first, but this rod will help you get the better of record-breaking fish with ease.

It was born and is designed with this goal in mind.

It also works in fishing for small fish with contained exits, but it was not born for this kind of fishing and struggles to work correctly with too light baits.

Taking it in your hand you will be amazed by the perfect balance of the rod. You will move it as if it were a finesse rod. The jerking effect is wonderful, precise and punctual.

The launch is not instinctive, if loaded and with the right weight, it launches further than imagined. It remains very accurate even in the long distance.

The sensitivity on the bait will blow your mind. No rod in comparison is so sensitive in the recovery of lures that do a lot of resistance in water. It will feel like you are fishing with bait in hand.

We hate rods that don't bend in combat. Regina also works well with small trout, but gives her best with the big queens of the stream.

The barrel bends smoothly as it is stressed. Although the curve is very "round" the barrel retains its "back". The work done on its action makes it an incredible and incomparable rod to common trout rods.

With Regina were caught specimens of Marmorata, Fario, Lacuste, Iridee and Char of all respect, fish of different KG. Among these "pieces of 90" there are also many medium or small sized trout.

With Regina you can also fish for "trout". It works well and remains a very fun rod even with small fish.

The design philosophy of Trout-Master® rods is to have light and sensitive rods. Although Regina is dedicated to the heaviest fishing, she always remains a "light" rod. If you are looking for a "stick" this is the wrong rod. 

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a balanced rod, which allows you to have fun with trout of all sizes, but in any case with a power capable of countering important fish, which allows you to fish in areas with large water flow, or to use voluminous baits, allore Regina is the right choice.

It is a rod for connoisseurs with experience and ability. A rod that gives great satisfaction to those who will be able to fully exploit it. 

Like all high-level technical tools, it is intended for those who are able to understand and master it.

Baits, techniques and recommended waters

On Trout-Master® rods you will never find the recommended casting or other data as you find on commercial rods. The only thing you will find is the name of the rod.

For this reason we have preferred to indicate in the description which are the ideal outlets for the Queen and in what type of waters to use them.

The reason for this unique choice is due to the fact that reporting the casting is a summary indication of the rod's capabilities. 

Don't worry, along with the rod you will also receive enclosed documentation and a metal plate with serial number and technical information, including the castable weight limit. But nothing more will be reported on the barrel.

It's up to your experience (and our advice) to figure out what to throw and what not.

You will have already understood that the Regina is a rod for fishing with minnow and spinning rods, it always remains in the range of light rods, so let's start with the ideal baits:

- rotating between size 2 and size 3 (Mepps type)

- sinking minnows with headstock up to 8 cm (Rapala countdown type)

- floating minnows up to 10/12 cm (Rapala original floater type)

- spoon / waving up to 10 gr.

- lead-free silicone lures up to 7/8 gr.

- jig heads weighing between 2 gr and 5 gr.

- streamer (oni) over 4 gr. (even 6/10 cm)

As you can see, inserting a casting would have been very rough. While the information you find here you need to understand how the rod behaves.

His ideal bait: mepps 3 / rapala CountDown 7)

If you need heavier lures it means that you are not fishing for trout (even if today's fashion sees the use of giant lures).

The waters indicated for the Queen are only waters with a current and a large flow of water, deep holes, streams at the bottom of the valley and the periods of the year where the stream has a high water flow. 

If you fish in the valley with heavy spoons or generous minnows, Regina is the right rod.

If you fish at times of the year or in streams where the flow of water is high (fast current and lots of water) you have the ideal rod to deal with the type of environment.

Regina, on the other hand, struggles a lot to manage light baits or lures that do not have much resistance in the water.

Until Mepps 2 you fish well (not discreetly, you fish very well). Under this measure you definitely cast, but you can't get good feedback from the rod.

Whenever you look for the extreme you create limits in some areas. The all-round rod does nothing good and hurts everything. Regina is like a sniper rifle, sensitive to every small stimulus but capable of firing at great distances and with power. It serves to hit only one target, the Queen of the hole.

These are the pros and cons of owning an extremely specialized rod.

The  torrent , especially in the highest part, is by definition a watercourse characterized by extreme variability of flow, with alternating violent floods and limited or zero flows. 

In peak periods or in the valley bottom areas, Regina is the right companion for your days in the stream.

For all other trout spinning situations we have developed other rods for other environments, lures and techniques.

Components and features


The great attention to detail requires that all Trout-Master® rods have  Fuji Titanium Torzite guides

The choice of these rings is not only aesthetic, but above all functional and allows you to obtain many advantages.

Despite the high cost, which to give you an order of magnitude can exceed 30 euros per ring, compared to the Sic rings that are used on the 250/350 € rods (medium range), the Titanium Torzite rings allow you to:

- use thinner threads

- increase the casting distance

- lighten the rod while maintaining a more natural action

Thin threads

The very few know that the rings allow you to reduce the diameter of the line allowing you to fish huge fish with very thin lines.

90% of anglers tend to fish with oversized lines, this is because they use cheap equipment, starting from the line itself up to the rings.

A fine line allows longer casts, increases the number of bites in a disconcerting way and allows you to deceive the larger trout because of the greater naturalness and less visibility.

If you are unfamiliar with the incredible potential and benefits of fine thread, I recommend that you read this GUIDE

The problem is that the fisherman's experience is gained with mediocre rods and reels, not having had the opportunity to try sophisticated equipment it is difficult to understand the benefits that entail during fishing.

The most common idea is that the technical sector is marginal, that the difference is made in 99% by the fisherman. We always tend to underestimate the help that rods and reels (or equipment in general) of the highest level can give, and we often remain convinced that there is no difference and the result is mainly due to experience.

How many times have you heard the phrase: "when trout eats, eats, does not look at the brand or the wire!"

A phrase that contains only the obviousness of the fact that when the fish is apathetic and still, getting it to bite requires not only experience, but also the correct equipment.

Only way to eliminate the "coats" (fishing without catches)

In reality, it is the details that make the difference at a certain level.

To become better you need superior products, there is no other variable.

This is one of the most common mistakes, which happens above all to those who have a lot of experience and are convinced that they do not have to learn anything more. Staying "still" is the worst way to approach fishing.

With Trout-Master® rods you can use a finer line thanks to the use of Torzite (in addition to the help derived from the type of carbon of the blank and the particular arrangement of the rings).

As you can see from laboratory tests, Torzite increases wire life by 400% compared to SIC.

Anelli fuji titanium torzite

You therefore understand that using a fine line on rods with SIC rings becomes counterproductive and limits you in your fishing action and choice of line, decreasing the chances of catching.

But this is not explained to you by anyone.

Continuing with a magnification under the microscope you can see how the surface of Torzite has very few grooves compared to SIC, which has a more irregular surface, the main cause of damage and wear of the wire.

The accuracy of the Torzite mirror finish is even higher than that of SiC used only on commercial rods for at least 2/300 €, (imagine the uneven surface of the other rings of the 4-penny rods).

Since the friction resistance with the line is extremely low, the Torzite not only preserves the protection capacity of the line, but also the recovery is always smooth, avoiding annoying dragging noises.

Anelli fuji titanium torzite

The Trout-Master® rods are a concentrate of the best technologies, and that is why we have adopted the Torzite R rings as soon as they came out on the market.

Now you will discover the enormous advantage that this technology brings you directly in terms of results in fishing.

It happens so many times that after a fight the line breaks in the last phase, when the trout is practically at the landing net, but with the last tail it breaks everything.

The sorrow of seeing a trout go away with wire and hook in the mouth is a lot. Then anger also takes over because maybe it was a huge specimen, a record, the capture of life.

All the reasons why this happens are well explained in the GUIDE, but in detail, if the thread is new and perfect, the cause is due to the rings.

It happens more often than you can imagine that the thread touches the frame of the ring. It happens for example when the barrels are very bent and there are few rings and / or they are roughly spaced according to the curve of the barrel.

Or at the end of the battle, when the rod is raised to invite the trout into the landing net, a very narrow angle is formed between the tip and the wire which causes the wire to touch the metal part and suddenly break.

This problem is solved with the Torzite F rings, which protect the wire from contact with the ring frame.

There are very few rods in the world that fit this incredible ring, Trout-Master® fits them.

Anelli fuji titanium torzite

The advantage of the Torzite rings is also found in the shape that has more rounded and rounded corners.

These details are only visible by zooming in on the ring section, but they make all the difference.

Difference that is perceived both in the number of catches being able to use a much thinner line, both in casting distance, and in fishing pleasure.

The particular shape of the Torzite rings allows the contact between the ring and the wire to be distributed over a larger surface.

Thus obtaining a "softer" and more linear contact angle, less angular. The advantage? Simple.

A larger contact surface means a reduction in contact pressure, less overheating and a lower possibility of cutting the wire, increasing its duration and resistance.

Anelli fuji titanium torziteAnelli fuji titanium torziteAnelli fuji titanium torzite

The combination of all these tricks will allow you to fish with infinitesimal lines, managing to manage fish that were previously unthinkable to bring to a landing net.

The advantage of using fine threads is almost unfair, but it ALWAYS makes a difference.

A thin line allows a better presentation of the lure, less visibility and longer casts (which we will see in the next paragraph).

With traditional rods the use of thin lines is impossible, but the technical qualities of the Trout-Master® rods allow you to dare where it is impossible for others.

Longer casts

No rod builder will ever give you this information, but no rod builder makes rods that match the Trout-Master®.

We leave nothing to chance and all our choices derive from years of experience in the production of trout spinning rods.

And also in this case the choice of Torzite allows another advantage, that of increasing the range of the launches.

If you look at the image below you will see that for the same size the Torzite compared to the SIC has a wider hole.

Anelli fuji titanium torzite

This allows, with the same ring size, to increase the casting distance.

Wondering why?

The "quick" and simple answer is that the bigger the ring, the less the line "bangs" against it during the cast, thus decreasing the friction which slows down the force and consequently decreasing the distance. This is why spinning rods are always equipped with a large initial "ring".

At this point it is logical to think that it would be enough to simply put a larger ring in SIC and the problem is solved. For example, instead of mounting a 7 in Torzite, choose an 8 in SIC.

But no, because you would have another problem, the weight. At the same size, the Torzite ring is smaller and therefore lighter.

Reduce weight

The last big advantage of the Torzite is the weight, which on an exclusive rod must be reduced to a minimum.

Weight reduction is ensured by these 3 features.

Torzite is 40% lighter than SIC and this is an advantage right from the start.

The second reason is that the Torzite with the same ring size is much thinner, this allows you to mount a smaller ring but with a through hole of identical dimensions to the SIC one.

This further reduces the weight.

The third reason is due to the fact that the Torzite rings are mounted on a Titanium frame which is an extremely resistant metal (more than steel) and incredibly light.

For the Trout-Master® Regina we used Fuji AT Titanium Torzite single-bridge guides, the lightest guides ever produced by Fuji, in combination with the Fuji Titanium Torzite KT

Titanium has another advantage, that of never rusting, remaining eternally beautiful.

It is also more resistant to the stresses of torrential environments, where it is not uncommon to hit the barrel against a rock or a tree.

Both titanium and Torzite are much better suited to withstand accidental blows.

In any case, you will find the details of the Trout-Master® rod guarantee below


You have already read a few lines above how the rings used on the Regina help reduce the weight of the rod.

But now I want to talk to you about the other features that have made it possible to reduce the weight of the Trout-Master® Regina to only 137 gr.

137g may not seem like a record weight. But if you take into account the type of finish and the power of the rod, it turns out to be an incredible result.

The Trout-Master® Regina is finished without limitations.

It is pure artisan poetry.

The details are incredibly beautiful and detailed, wonderful to see, a feast for the eyes of the beholder.

The Regina rod has been designed to have particular characteristics but also a very precise aesthetic that recalls the beech and walnut woods, the marble trout and the foothills.

Can we make it lighter? Of course! You will see it lighter only in special editions.

In order to obtain 137 gr we have paid attention to the real substance without depriving the barrel of the aesthetic finishing components.

For example, we used a special transparent diamond paint for the ligatures, which reduces the weight by 25% compared to traditional paints as well as increasing the surface hardness by reducing the amount applied with the same finish.

The real incredible starting point is the carbon blank, which weighs only 45g. thanks to the technologies you will now see.



A unique computerized zigzag fiber weaving technology developed exclusively after five years of research and testing to create a blank with truly amazing actions and considerably superior sensitivity. The design of the zigzag pattern and the cutting technology itself differ substantially from traditional straight-line cutting methods. 

NanoForce technology that goes one step further and combines ResinFix with the strongest and lightest silica nanofibers, the so-called nanowires developed for NASA. They are the strongest nanofibers in the world, 12 times stronger than carbon fiber, 15 times stronger than high-strength steel. Trout-Master® is currently the only fishing rod manufacturer to use these nanowires for elite rods. Due to the high price and limited supply of nanofibers, NanoForce can only be found in our top-of-the-range series. 

Trout-Master®'s original ArteX technology introduces an unconventional blank shaping technique, using state-of-the-art computer equipment to help distribute stress across the entire blank. ArteX allows you to build and model rods with virtually no weaknesses. Although practically imperceptible to the eye, the shape given to the rods via the ArteX method is constantly tested to increase durability, strength and sensitivity for incredible sensitivity. Trout-Master® rods are all manufactured using ArteX technology.

This extraordinary ultra hi-end technology is based on a recently discovered light as air material called Microlattice. It is literally the lightest material in the world, yet incredibly stiff and strong at the same time. The filiform inclusion of microlattice fibers intertwined with our ultra-high modulus graphite creates blanks with mechanical properties that allow invisible lightness, flexibility and strength. Virtually weightless and extra fast AirLight ™ rods are the best choice for miraculous accuracy on extreme and long distance casting.
As AirLight ™ material is very expensive and involves a complex manufacturing process, it is limited only to our first-class ultralight rods.

For really big improvements you have to start from the beginning. ResinFix ™ technology addresses one of the earliest and most important steps in blank creation: the curing process. Our unique ResinFix® technology involves a complex high-pressure curing process that evenly distributes air while uniformly solidifying the resin matrix. While normal curing ovens inevitably leave tiny air bubbles trapped inside the resin, which could cause premature loss of blank stiffness, ResinFix ™ offers us a unified structure and barrel that will retain its original properties much longer. long. This technology also reduces weight and improves performance.

It is the process we use to increase the contact between the blank and the handle of the barrel. This allows you to better perceive the contact with the bait and the vibrations transmitted from the rod to the hand. The sensitivity is extreme and incredibly fast in transmission.


The handle is made using 4 different materials; cork, carbon, aluminum and walnut wood.

Walnut wood is an insert that creates the base of the reel seat, we use walnut because it is a precious wood typical of the woods on the edge of the stream.

Natural dark in color, it is treated and worked to make it smooth to the touch and pleasant to hold.

Nice to look at, it also gives a classic touch to the barrel.

On the hand-shaped wooden insert to house the foot of the reel, the two rings in anodized aluminum, practically eternal, are fixed, which serve to block the reel.

Regina also has carbon details on the handle to make it more beautiful and to remind you that this is a cutting edge rod despite the classic look.

The rest of the handle is "split", made of white cork, in combination on request the inserts are supplied in marbled cork and silver and gold aluminum finishes.

impugnatura trout master regina

Perfect match with the reel

We conclude with the ideal combination of the reel. Argument that is almost never highlighted but which is of fundamental importance.

Trout-Master® rods are designed to excel with a narrow range of reels.

Maybe it may seem like a marginal thing to you, also because it is likely that you will hear about this topic for the first time. Or maybe you know it's important because of weight balance (true).

But it is also important to know that the choice of the size of the rings and their position is influenced by the reel used. This is why we provide you with this fundamental indication, which no rod builder gives you.

Shimano  is the partner we have chosen in combination with the Trout-Master® rods.

For the Trout-Master® Regina the perfect reel is the Stella in the size 2000/2500, with a weight of about 170/200 gr. allows the perfect balance of the barrel.

Valid alternatives are reels with a maximum weight of 170/200 gr. in size (Shimano) 2000 and 2500 or with reel diameter between 42 and 47 mm

This is the tip for getting the perfect match.


Now that you understand what kind of rod you have in your hands, let's move on to the advantages.

First we eliminated the supply chain.

No resellers, no steps that raise the price. We give you something we cannot delegate. The exclusivity of having a Trout-Master® rod and the shopping experience you will receive with the rod is unmatched and cannot be entrusted to others.

This is why we have decided to avoid any intermediary. You can get your Trout-Master® directly from the Atelier. 

You are becoming one of the lucky owners of Trout-Master® and this entails many advantages, starting with the delivery, which can be either directly at your home or with us, with an event dedicated only to you, organized directly on the stream.

And not only that, because in addition to the rod you will also receive exclusive gifts, designed for you who are a true trout fishing enthusiast.

Certificate of authenticity of the barrel

All Trout-Master® rods are numbered and registered with a certificate that guarantees their authenticity.

Each certificate is matched to the name of the owner to guarantee the certainty of the origin of the rod in case of second-hand sale to protect both you and the new owner.

Access to the Trout Master Club

Trout Master Club members access numerous benefits and have priority regarding limited editions, in detail you can see what it is here.

Twelve months of "The trout of the alpine valleys"

The manuscript that contains all the teachings to transform you into the best trout fisherman ever.

Dedicated exclusively to trout spinning fishing.

10 year guarantee

All Trout-Master® rods have a 10 year, extendable lifetime warranty.

We believe in the quality of the product and in the components used, which is why the guarantee is 10 years.

The warranty covers only breakages due to construction defects. Accidental damage is excluded, but insurance can be included to cover accidental damage as well.

Grand Master Tour

You have the exclusive opportunity to participate in the GMT (Grand Master Tour), this is an experience reserved only for owners of a Trout-Master® rod. You will discover the details only after you have joined the Trout-Master® world.

Trout Master regina

  • Lunghezza 212 cm
  • Peso 137 gr
  • Action Fast - Medium Light progressive
  • Section 1 piece
  • Carbon MaxCarbon ™
  • Carbon finiture Neutral carbon matte finish + nanotech treatment
  • Diameter at the base 8.5 mm
  • Guides Fuji Titanium Torzite AT + Titanium Torzite KT
  • Number of guides 10
  • Reel seat Anodized aluminum with dark nut insert
  • Handle type Split cork + carbon inserts
  • Ø line recommended Nylon 0.16-0.18 / Treccia 0.04-0.06

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Spinning trout rods - Regina

Spinning trout rods - Regina

Spinning rod TroutMaster Regina